Outside Makeup

Hair and Makeup Ideas for Getting Active Outside

We’ve all been there before – we leave the house with our hair and makeup looking fantastic, only to glance in the mirror hours later and wonder what went wrong. Maybe the day got more humid than expected and you didn’t realize the event was outside (including the dance floor), or perhaps you knew you were going to be walking that 5K, but also knew there were going to be a lot of pictures and you wanted to look your best. Whatever events you go to that involve getting active, we’ve got a few ideas from our Charleston hair and makeup salon to keep your look from unraveling.

Perfect the ponytail and up-dos

While a ponytail and up-do may not be the look that you’re going for when you leave for an outdoor event or activity, trust that it may end up that way anyway. Often, it can be easier to start with your hair up and out of your face, so you don’t find yourself wrestling with it later. Next time you visit a Charleston hair salon for a style, ask for a few pro tips when it comes to wearing your hair up for days you know you are going to sweat.

Choose hair and makeup products designed for the outdoors

The hair and makeup products you use for workdays and gatherings may not be the best for days you are going to get more active than usual. Choose the products that are designed for sweat, and that is water resistant, and makeup and hair salons in Charleston can provide you with guidance on this.

Keep facial wipes and makeup essentials on hand

Even with all of the best products in place, you should always keep facial wipes handy so that you can reapply your makeup after the activity. You can at least touch up a few spots before pictures are taken, or you head to an indoor atmosphere where you can cool off. You don’t have to bring a suitcase full of makeup and hair products, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have the essential items on hand.

Go to the Charleston hair salon for trims

One simple step to keeping your hair tamed during outdoor activities is to go to a Charleston hair salon for trims on a routine basis. Trims are easy to forget, but they keep your hair healthy and prevent frizz. Before you hit the hiking trail, dance floor, or walk-o-thon, make sure you visit the salon and get the dead ends trimmed away, so they don’t become a problem in the heat.

Take a makeup class to learn pro tips

To learn more about how to apply makeup and how to keep it lasting on hot days, take a class and learn a few pro tips. Not only will these help you on days when you’re spending a lot of time outside, but you can learn the best techniques for days you go to formal functions, have big presentations at work, and hit the town with the girls.