Wedding Trial

Get Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial Run Success with these 5 Tips!

Walking into Gibson Hair and Makeup for your wedding trial run always tends to give brides a swing in their step. After all, this is a day to see that wedding look come to life, and since it’s not the actual day you walk down the aisle, the pressure is off. But to keep the stress away, you’ll need to have wedding hair and makeup trial success. To help make sure that happens, here are a few tips to make the most out of your visit to Gibson Hair and Makeup in Charleston.

#1: Plan it well in advance

Make sure that you plan your trial run with enough time that you can schedule a second one if needed. Each bride is different in how many looks they want to test out and what they hope to achieve, and it can take time and a few times to get this right. Make sure you aren’t rushing the process of the trial run, and you have time to decide which look is right for you. Many brides only need one appointment at Gibson Hair and Makeup, while others prefer to have more before the wedding day.

#2: Dress the part

While you don’t want to wear your wedding dress or bridesmaid’s attire to the Charleston hair and makeup salon for your trial run, you should try to wear shirts that are the same color as what you’ll be wearing that day. The bride should find a color that matches her dress, and if the bridesmaids are part of the trial run, they should do the same.

#3: Bring visual ideas

Don’t just tell the Charleston hair and makeup salon experts what you hope to achieve, find an image that showcases it. You can look to a lot of places for wedding hair ideas from magazines to pictures of Hollywood weddings. Make sure you are also focused on the makeup when searching for the perfect hair and don’t forget to bring any accessories you would like incorporated into the look.

#4: Take pictures at all angles

Once the hair and makeup are done, make sure you take pictures at all angles so that you can see the back, sides, front, and even top of your hair. There are so many photos taken at weddings these days because everyone has a camera, and you can’t always predict where they will be shared online. You want to look perfect at every angle whether pictures are being taken from a balcony looking over the crowd below or you are on dance floor busting a move.

#5: Bring a friend you trust

If you have your bridesmaids with you, they can help give you input into the look you are going for, and you can also ask the Charleston hair and makeup salon stylists their advice. However, also make sure you bring a friend that you trust to give you the honest input without being overbearing or too agreeable. Even though you look fantastic, hearing that person that never steers you wrong say it will give you extra confidence.