Morning Makeup

Amp Up Your Morning Beauty Routine with these 5 Tips

We’ve all been guilty of hitting the snooze button and letting those precious morning minutes get away for a few more moments of shut eye. But once we do rise, we tend to speed through our hair and makeup routine, and by lunch when we look in the mirror again, we know that we could have put a little more effort in our morning beauty routine. Because you can’t make it to the Charleston hair and makeup salon every morning, here we look at a few time-saving tips to amp up your beauty routine so that you look fantastic from 9 to 5 each day.

#1: Keep up with trims at a Charleston hair salon

Nothing can suck up time in the morning like fussing with your hair. When your hair is trimmed and healthy, it will be easier to work with in the morning, and this will allow you to speed through the styling process. Speak with a professional stylist about the different products that you can use to enhance your personal look while holding the locks in place.

#2: Get as ready as possible the night before

While it can be hard to find the extra minutes in the day to lay out your clothes and straighten your hair and makeup area before bed, but trust that it is worth it in the morning. Plus, it is a good habit to have to make sure everything is in its place from your keys to your eyeshadow because nothing can make you sweat off makeup and entice hair to fuzz like being in a rush on the way out the door.

#3: Take the essentials with you

There are a few essential items that you should keep on you whether you are getting ready to brunch with some friends or you finished lunch at your desk. Lipstick and hair ties are two examples of items you should have access to so that you can touch up your look midday. Even quality lipsticks can fade after a meal, and your hair can take a hit if the weather is humid, and a few essentials will take care of these problems.

#4: Use multi-purpose products

While there will be times that you will want to put on the full amount of makeup that you would get if you went to a hair and makeup salon in Charleston before a big event, know that you don’t have to achieve this every day. Use multi-purpose makeup products to save time, and you can also customize a lighter routine for the mornings that you have no other choice than to skip steps.

#5: Learn the art of a polished bun

Nothing can speed up your morning beauty routine and make you look fabulous like a polished bun. Next time you schedule an appointment at a Charleston hair and makeup salon, ask the stylist for help so that you can see what bun would like with your face shape. Once you know what you like, take the time to practice your skills, so you always have a plan for hair when the morning minutes gets tight.