Makeup Organization

5 Tips for Organizing Makeup in the New Year

Between all of the holiday gatherings and getting through those last few days of work before vacation, your makeup may have gotten disorganized. Even if you invested in a hair and makeup salon in Charleston through the season to get you looking your best, there’s still a good chance the everyday use and lack of time had a hand in leaving your makeup station a mess. To help you get your makeup organized in the New Year, here are a few quick tips that you can apply today.

#1: Throw out old makeup and replace it

Go through your makeup and get rid of old and expired items like mascara and eyeliner. Make a list of what you need to replace. If you go to Gibson Hair and Makeup, you can ask a professional makeup artist what quality brands they would recommend. Make sure you go through your makeup one more time in the year to keep everything fresh.

#2: Get the right size storage compartments

Invest in beauty storage compartments to keep your makeup organized. Have compartments for the supplies your use such as tweezers and cotton balls. All of your makeup should have a home, and you can look in magazines and pictures to get ideas for storage. There are a lot of fun ways you can incorporate storage compartments into your bathroom or on the vanity that reflect your personal style. Find the ones that you enjoy and make sure you keep them clean.

#3: Have a dedicated makeup bag for traveling

When it’s time to travel, you should have a dedicated back for your makeup that makes it easy to pack and unpack. This will help you keep your makeup organized, and it will make traveling less stressful throughout the year. Make sure when traveling that you try to keep your makeup at room temperature because extreme heat can damage the quality of many beauty products.

#4: De-clutter your vanity

Even if you adopt compartments to store your makeup in, you may find that your vanity is still cluttered. The best way to combat this is to just keep your everyday items on the vanity or bathroom counter, and the products that you bring out for special occasions or weekends can be stored in a drawer. Of course, there will be trial and error as you discover what you use and want out every day versus what you want to store.

Also, take a few minutes every morning before getting ready or in the evening before bed to clean off any wipes, cotton balls, or other messes and put everything away. Just a few minutes a day can make a big difference in how long it takes you to get ready in the morning.

#5: Learn about makeup care from a Charleston hair and makeup salon

Next time you make an appointment at a Charleston hair and makeup salon, ask the pros if they have any tips for caring for makeup and keeping it organized. You can also ask your most organized friends what they do, and then apply the tips that make the most sense for you.