5 Techniques to Extend Lashes

Whether you are getting married, going to an event that everyone will have cameras out for, or simply want to make a lasting impression – you need to focus on your eyelashes. Makeup artists at a Charleston salon know that your eyes are an essential part of giving your face a fresh look and showcasing one of your best features. However, if you’ve ever tried to extend those lashes and enhance your eyes, you already know this is easier said than done. To help you make the most of your eyelashes and get the look you want, here are a few techniques that you can apply.

Choose mascara wisely

Next time you visit the Charleston hair salon for a trim, ask a makeup artist about the best mascara brands and what you should look for to ensure you get fresh mascara and not a dated product. There are a few different shades, so make sure you are factoring in your skin tone when making decisions. There are a few different brands that will clump and run, and if you end up buying one, make notes to ensure that you don’t get it again.

Warm the eyelash curler

When you warm the eyelash curler with a hairdryer, you can get a little extra curl, but you have to be very careful that you only warm it and don’t overheat it because this can cause damage to the lashes. Three seconds or less is plenty of time to warm the curler and get that extra extension and make sure that you test the temperature with your fingers or wrist to make sure that you didn’t overheat the curler.

Get extensions at a Charleston hair salon

If you really want to make the most out of your lashes, visit a makeup and hair salon in Charleston to get a lash application. A pro makeup and hair stylist uses the best techniques and gets you the natural look that you are hoping for. Trying to add lash extensions on your own can lead to mishaps, and you want to ensure that your lash application lasts throughout the event whether you are walking down the aisle or you are getting together with a group of friends.

Practice good eyelash grooming habits

Whether you are trying to extend your lashes or keep your face fresh for all makeup applications, the professionals at a hair and makeup salon in Charleston will tell you the same thing – you have to practice good grooming habits for your eyelashes. Make sure that all makeup is getting removed at night and that you are using gentle soaps to wash your face and around your eyes. Also, brush your eyelashes with a brush that is designed for the eyes so that you don’t harm the lashes.

By taking a few proactive measures to care for your lashes and getting a hair and makeup salon in Charleston involved when you want lash extensions, and you’ll be ready to enhance your beauty for every event that pops up on the calendar.